Welcome to UK Mailboxes 

UK Mailboxes is a company based in Windsor which offers a comprehensive, five star mailbox handling service for individuals and businesses. 

The one thing that all UK Mailboxes.co.uk customers have in common is that they encounter a great deal of unnecessary hassle when receiving mail. This is where UK Mailboxes can help, by creating your own mailbox with them. 

There are a number of reasons why you may need an alternative mailbox address:

You may work from home and require a business or confidential mailbox address.

You may travel regularly, live in shared accommodation or regularly receive high-value mail and need your post to be stored in a safe, secure location.

Or it could simply be a case of needing a UK mailbox address when you move abroad.

You may be the kind of person who does a lot of internet shopping but is never at home when it arrives. 

If you find queuing at the Post Office during your lunch hour incredibly inconvenient, then opt for a service that allows you to park right outside for nothing and collect your package from your own mailbox. If you buy and sell regularly on a website like EBay, you might want to take the opportunity to have your stock stored at a mailbox and sent directly to purchasers on your behalf; a “mini warehouse” if you like. Many UK Mailboxes customers simply want to have their mailbox contents forwarded at a time that suits them, whether that be daily, weekly, monthly or any other time that they choose, and to absolutely anywhere in the world.